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Happiness is a vacation for your pet...

Family owned and operated since 1956, with a love and commitment to you and your pets. If you are going out of town for a few days, or a little longer, we are here to provide your pets with personal attention in a happy and healthy environment.

Carroll’s Kennel takes great pride in our outstanding facility and knows you will too!

For the same reasons we parents need a vacation, our best friends need one too! What better place than a vacation at the fabulous Carroll’s Kennel!

Your pet deserves a vacation at the fabulous Carroll’s Kennel & Pet Spa

Call for a reservation at 630-766-3636 today!

Begin With An Aromatherapy Bath

Pet aromatic shampoo and conditioners are 100% earth derived chemical free grooming products for
our four legged friend.

Your choice of four different aromatic baths.

A tropical getaway - Scented with coconut, banana, vanilla to hydrate the skin and Italian Cyprus stem a natural insect repellant as well as a natural antiseptic.

The scent of fresh picked flowers - Bouquet is scented with lavender to help relieve itching, geranium which acts as a natural insect repellent and the uplifting pleasurable aroma of jasmine.

A morning fresh scent - Dewdrop is scented with lemongrass, which is a natural insect repellent, sandalwood which has calming properties and peppermint to renew dull skin.

A romantic rose garden - Scented with rose which calms nervous tension, ylang ylang which soothes irritated skin, peru balsam bark which soothes chafed skin and vanilla to hydrate the skin.

Then A Refreshing Blueberry Facial

People like its wonderful scent and fabulous cleansing properties. The pets like it because it’s tearless and they get a relaxing head and face massage.  Aromatherapeutic, brightening, cleansing and calming. It’s natural pH balanced formula is safe for dogs and cats.

A Pedicure To Shine Those Toes

Nails trimmed and filed along with your choice of nail color—red, pink, pumpkin, shamrock, black, or midnight blue.

Finish The Evening Off With A Special Dinner

Whole organic cooked chicken thighs simmered in natural well water is a mouth watering meal. Braised beef chunks with gravy. A hearty dinner of tender pieces of beef with market fresh vegetables of peas and carrots together with pasta. Whole mackerel with gravy served with tender carrots, green peas and pasta with a vitamin and mineral enriched gravy for this dinner.
Holistic pheasant dinner for cats - Fresh pheasant, ripe fruits and vegetables with brown rice. Treat your cat’s nutritional needs and the body’s well-being too. Whole mackerel with gravy, tasty dinner of whole fresh mackerel are edible from head to tail. A cat’s dream come true. All fresh vegetarian dinner of fresh potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, and cranberries from the market place with brown rice makes aflavorful and complete dinner. A healthy choice for dogs and cats susceptible to food allergies.
Your pet deserves a vacation at the fabulous Carroll’s Kennel & Pet Spa

Call for a reservation at 630-766-3636 today!
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